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Victoria Klein

Tulips are so delightful - as classic as a rose, but more playful. I'm a big fan of the tulips on the top right - the ones with the lil bit of fraying at the end ... too cute. :)

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Delicacy and colorful combination, any one after receiving such colorful surprise by their loved ones will have a bucket full of happiness for a short but sweet Time in their life.

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I had to try this right away. The paper I found seems to be thicker or crisper than what you used - yours seems almost transparent. Also, the edges were hard to roll. I tried using a knitting needle to get it to curl better, but no luck. I ended up having to fold and crease and then relaxing that as I rolled. So mine look more like roses, I guess. But I love making them. Yes, I am serious about my paper-crafting.

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