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Love the color combo! Gray, neutrals and a bit orange...you just spoke to my heart.


Ali Z

Aw, thanks Jennie! This is the mood board I did as one of our assignments from BYW. I used to do my mood boards all digital, but I am loving building them and photographing them, can't believe I didn't do that all along! You blog is looking gorgeous by the way.


I noticed that Vanessa Bruno, one of my favorite designers, featured the gray/coral combination in two of her outfits. Now I have to raid my closets to see if I have anything in the same color range :)

ali z

Hi Josephine! I'm going to have to check out Vanessa Bruno now. My coworker is wearing the best coral nail polish today called "boogie nights", how great would bright coral nails look with an all gray outfit? I think we need to get it! ;-)

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